What is WING?

WING is a recursive acronym for Wing Is Not Galaga. It is a space-shooter type arcade game that is based on the cross-platform game library, Allegro. It currently has 6 levels of play, pre-rendered 2.5d graphics (graphics that look 3d but are rendered in 2d), sound effects, and .wav quality audio. The game will be expanded in time to include more features, but this is the set we will complete for the initial 1.0 release.

For more information about the development of this product, head over to our project page kindly hosted by sourceforge.net.


06/13/00: Wow, I forgot to offer the shared library, as a download for linux. So sorry about this. Go here and get it.
06/12/00: Finally, 0.7 is out. Levels are added (albeit they could use more work) and the AI is in almost in it's entirety. The game is actually playable! There are a couple bugs (or things that don't work as we would like) that are being resolved, but nothing that makes the game unplayable. At any rate go download it.

06/06/00: Version 0.7 is almost out. Finally the code will be cleaned up and look pretty enough for public consumption. The code compiles under Linux and Windows without changes (just use the right makefile). Let me note however, that the makefiles are intended for GCC and it's clones (DJGPP under DOS/Windows). The AI will be complete for 0.7 and all that is missing are the levels themselves. We might replace some of the art and sound (as well as work on the interface) between now and 1.0, but those are dependant on the time available.

06/04/00: We have added a new team member, Allbriton, to the WING Project. He is redoing the interface and other art work for initial release.


- Linux
- Windows 95/98
- DOS with cwsdpmi
- Pentium class processor or better (and compatibles)
- SVGA video card
- 32 megabytes RAM


Here are a few screenshots of WING running under Linux. Because the base library is consistent from platform to platform, this is what to expect from the win32 executables. Note: these images were taken from version 0.6 just as AI had been added. There are no discernable levels yet. Also, sorry about the quality, they are .gifs to conserve space.


Note: if you only want the game itself and not the source code, download the Windows/DOS or the Linux package (depending on the operating system you use). If you want to download the source as well, you don't need to download the separate game media package because the game media is already included in the DOS and Linux packages. Also, if you are running linux you need to download the shared library to use it. Put it in /usr/local/lib

WING Windows/DOS and media files 0.7 - [zip]
WING Linux binary and media files 0.7 - [gzip]
Allegro Shared Library - [liballeg-3.9.32.so]
WING source code version 0.7 - [gzip][zip]
WING game media version 0.7 - [gzip][zip]

If ever you run into a bug, head over to our project management site and report it (also double check to see if it has been reported before). Click here for the bug tracking page before reporting them.


Programmers: Adam Hiatt, Anil Shrestra
Artists: Allbriton Robbins, Adam Hiatt
Web Site: Adam Hiatt (a pretty half-assed job too, no?)

Adam Hiatt